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From Somerset take US-27 South for 48.3 miles to Oneida, Tenn. Turn right onto SR-297 follow for .7mi then turn left to stay on SR-297 for 4.2 mi. At an old store you will turn left again to stay on SR-297 for 7.2mi until you take a  right onto Bandy Creek Road.  Follow Bandy Creek Road appx. 1.7mi to the Bandy Creek Vistor Center on the left.  There is parking available at the Vistor Center.


There are four main Mountain Bike trails at Bandy Creek. The West Bandy Trail, Duncan Hollow Loop, Collier Ridge Loop, and Grand Gap Loop. 


The Grand Gap Loop is a Time-Sharing Trail Weekday, used by both hikers and cyclist.  On weekends only hiking is permitted.  The trail offers fantastic views of the Big South Fork and some of the best single track you will ever ride.  It has an IMBA rating for most trail segements as More Difficult and some trail segements as Very Difficult.  As you ride the cliff line portion of the trail it is recommended to use Extreme Caution.  From the Vistor Center, it is appx. 4 mi to the Trailhead Kiosk,  take the Duncan Hollow Road (gravel road) you will pass the turn off for the Duncan Hollow Loop Trail and take the 2nd gravel road on the right.  You will follow this road until you get to the Trailhead on the right. The Grand Gap Loop is appx. 6.8 mi long.


Collier Ridge Loop is appx. 8 mi long.  From the Visitor Center turn left onto West Bandy Creek Road following it for appx. 1.1 mi  You turn left into the woods at Trailhead.  It is primarily all single track that has some creek crossing as you climb up the ridge to the advance section of the trail. It is about 1.8 mi into the ride from the gravel road.  Beginners should continue straight and turn right onto SR-297 for appx. 1.4 mi turning right into the grassy meadow where the trail goes back into the woods.   Watch out for the big sandstone drop off located at the beginning of the advance section.  The advance section surfs the hillside as you ride along until you come out into a open meadow alongside SR-297 where the beginner section rejoins the main trail.  You continue across the ridge until you get to  a super fast downhill that shoots you back out onto the trail. Take a right onto the gravel road (West Bandy Creek Road) that will take you back to the Visitor Center.  


Duncan Hollow Loop is a great short single track ride with fast downhills and a very good climb back to the top.  From the Vistor Center take the Duncan Hollow Road (gravel road) following the marker post for appx. 1.5 mi where the single track takes you into the woods.  It is appx. 2.3 mi before you come back out onto the Duncan Hollow Road to follow back to the Vistor Center.


West Bandy Trail contains rolling single track, creek crossings, and short steep climbs.  It is appx. 1.3mi long and is usually linked to ride with Collier Ridge Loop or Duncan Hollow Loop.  From the Vistor Center turn left onto West Bandy Creek Road pass the Trailhead for Collier Ridge Loop until you the West Bandy Trailhead on the right.